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Dave Ball, Felix Castro, Jenny Cox, Geoff Crabb, Jim Cush, Pauline de Snoo, Mike Dixon, Dave Elliott , Sally George, Helen Graham, Anne Gregson, Lynda Griffith, Angela Hammond, Martin Henshaw, Richard Mellish, Göran Rahm, Howard Rosenblum, Dave Townsend, John Wickens.

Concertina World #452, June 2012


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Felix Castro, Pauline de Snoo, Peter Dyson, Roger Gawley, Martin Henshaw, Paul
McCann, Göran Rahm, Margaret Walker.

Tune: A Romance for Aeola, Concertina or Violin

The ICA Library is a unique collection of music specially written or arranged for the concertina. Most of the published music dates from the mid to late 19th Century and provides an interesting history of the style of playing from that era and the group of musicians who were the first to promote and popularise the instrument. When a piece of music, “A Romance for Aeola, Concertina or Violin” by Clementine Ward came up for sale recently I was intrigued to learn more about the composer.

Download Ward-Romance.mp3

Played and recorded by Chris van de Kuilen, piano and Pauline de Snoo, Concertina, 15-09-2014

The library already held two pieces of music by a John C. Ward, arrangements of Chopin’s Nocturne in E flat and a Medley Overture of English tunes, and I wondered if there was any connection with Clementine. A brief search on the internet revealed there was – Clementine was the daughter of John Charles.

The music is published in Concertina World 459, September 2014

Looking for players

I am an artist and musician based in London,
I am currently composing, recording and performing music with an experimental approach.
I’ve been writing a composition for concertina and would love to have to opportunity to work with two or three concertina players even if just for one evening. I do myself play the concertina but the composition is open and approaches the instrument in terms of its sound-making potential. The composition is also very slow and includes for example the sound of the air button. So it could be seen as very different to the traditional approach to playing the instrument.

If you are interested to participate, please contact Sholto Dobie: