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West Country Concertina Players 30th Anniversary Concertina Weekend

It is being held at St. Audries Bay holiday park on the Severn Estuary – where the Quantock Hills unfold towards the sea and yes, we can go down the steps and walk on the beach – some brave souls have even ventured into the sea! Last year’s brilliant duet tutor John Morgan could almost see his house across the water, but declined the offer of a rowing boat to get home and drove over the bridge instead. Booking for 2013 opens in November and we are so fortunate in having a ‘dream team’ of tutors – Alistair, John and Iris have supported us many times in the past and it is great that they will be leading us on this celebratory weekend. With the best tuition, there will be plenty of opportunities to spur you on and help you improve your playing technique, get new tunes and ideas, together with enjoying bar sessions with old and new friends.

One of the aims of the West Country Concertina Players is to motivate and facilitate learning to play the concertina – with enjoyment as key – so you are most cordially invited to come and join us in March.

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Flyer: WCCP-flyer-30th-anniversary-weekend

Concertina Cruinniú on 8, 9 and 10 February 2013 in Miltown Malbay


While well-established annual events such as the uilleann pipers’ Tionól, the harpists’ Cúirt Cruitearachta, Cruinniú na bhFliúit in Cúil Aodha and Cairdeas na bhFidléirí’s fiddle week in Glencolumcille provide a forum for enthusiasts and practitioners on most traditional instruments, there has been no similar celebration of the concertina in Ireland for a number of years.
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Concertina in the Low Countries, 11 August 2012: Retrospective

Alex Wade in concert

For most of the particpants of the workshop and the audience at the concert this was a first time experience with a concertina workshop and a chance to meet other enthusiasts. As one of them let us know: “I really learned a lot both from the actual workshop and from talking to the other participants. The relaxed and knowledgeable approach by Alex made it a wonderful experience. She was an excellent choice and was able to manage a very mixed group of clearly experienced players and beginners (such as me). It was a real treat. The presence of Harry Geuns and the final concert were the icing on the cake of a wonderful day. I am really hoping there will be more chances in the future to bring Dutch (and Belgian) concertina players together and learn and play together. There are obviously but very few possibilities in the low lands.Thanks to the International Concertina Association for having made this workshop possible.

See clips for an impression of workshops and mini concerts….. Alex is one of the rare tutors who not only plays folk and classical music on concertina but also teaches very well.

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John Kirkpatrick Anglo Concertina Course


This three day course is aimed at helping players of the Anglo concertina discover the full musical potential of their instrument. John will be looking at all the various technical aspects of playing, but will mostly be exploring what can be found in the way of chords and harmonies in the left hand to support melodies in the right hand. This is all very physical stuff, and teaching will be in terms of patterns and finger memory, rather than a more abstract intellectual approach. Although a broad grasp of the complexities of music will naturally grow out of the work involved, the ability to read musical notation is by no means essential, and may in fact be a hindrance!

The sessions may not be suitable for complete beginners, and as they are very specific to the instrument they will not be suitable for players of the other kinds of concertina either – the English or the Duet. And please note – the small twenty button Anglo will not be adequate for this course.You’ll need an Anglo concertina with not less than thirty buttons, and ideally a keyboard chart of what all the buttons are. If you haven’t got a chart, John will help you to knock one up, and, thus equipped, whether your interest is in beefing up your tune playing or adding floating parts to accompany your favourite song, Mr Kirkpatrick will be able to bring a lifetime’s experience to bear and help you along the way.

John & Yvonne Hart –
Phone: 01743 891412

Concertina session at Broadstairs Folk Week

The Spare Parts Concertina Band is running a part-playing session for concertinas at Broadstairs Folk Week this year on Wednesday 15th. August from 10.00 – 11.30. People who aren’t attending the whole festival can still pay on the door.

The music can be downloaded from the band website as dots and midis: Feel free to try the music even if you aren’t coming to the session.

11 August 2012: Concertina in the Low Countries


Alex has played the concertina from a very young age and is an accomplished musician on Concertina, Flute and Saxophone. She has experience as a musician in all styles of music and teaches music professionally.

  • Workshops: from 11.00 – 12. 30 and from 13.30 – 15.00 hrs
  • Concert: at 16.00 hrs with different music styles and combinations of concertina ensemble playing

Participants for the workshop pay 20 Euros. The concert is free.

For enquiries and more detailed information, mail to: