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Concertina session at Broadstairs Folk Week

The Spare Parts Concertina Band is running a part-playing session for concertinas at Broadstairs Folk Week this year on Wednesday 15th. August from 10.00 – 11.30. People who aren’t attending the whole festival can still pay on the door.

The music can be downloaded from the band website as dots and midis: Feel free to try the music even if you aren’t coming to the session.

11 August 2012: Concertina in the Low Countries


Alex has played the concertina from a very young age and is an accomplished musician on Concertina, Flute and Saxophone. She has experience as a musician in all styles of music and teaches music professionally.

  • Workshops: from 11.00 – 12. 30 and from 13.30 – 15.00 hrs
  • Concert: at 16.00 hrs with different music styles and combinations of concertina ensemble playing

Participants for the workshop pay 20 Euros. The concert is free.

For enquiries and more detailed information, mail to:


16 June 2012: Concertina Day with Rob Harbron

Date:16 June 2012
Place: Underbank Schoolrooms, Sheffield
Cost: £35

Rob Harbron will lead a one-day concertina workshop which will help players develop and consolidate their own individual playing styles. Rob plays the English system but the day will be open to players of all systems and much of the day will be spent discussing ideas and technique which are not system-specific. The day will be suitable for players of all abilities, from basic through to intermediate and advanced.

The day is concerned more with individual style and technique than playing together, but music for a few tunes which will be used throughout the day will be sent by email a few days beforehand.

Session 1: 11am – 12:30pm
Doing the basics well – making a good sound by thinking about posture, use of the bellows, tone, attack, dynamics, etc.

LUNCH (BYO or local pubs)

Session 2: 1:30pm – 3pm
Developing your own style – looking at phrasing, groove, swing, ornamentation, variation, etc

Session 3: 3:30pm – 5pm
Putting it all together – shortcuts to harmony and accompaniment, techniques for building arrangements, and ways to perform more confidently.


Full details and booking (using PayPal):

Banding Together at Seale-Hayne news update


Paul is Deputy Head of Service at Gwent Music Support Service, and Director of Youth Symphonic and Jazz groups in Gwent, and The Modern Ensemble. He plays flute and saxophone, composes, and has conducted in many of the big national concert halls. He’s excited about working with us, which is amazing! There are only a few places left – book now!


Swaledale Squeeze: 18-20 May 2012


Friday consists of an optional walk in the afternoon, a meal at 7.30 pm and informal sessions in the evening (including Foss’ ‘Dotty Session’ – using dots!) – a chance to unwind after your journey, play a few tunes and meet friends old and new. There will be workshops on Saturday and Sunday, a mini-concert on Saturday featuring Pauline de Snoo & friends, a ceilidh on the Saturday evening, featuring ‘spots’ from participants, and a farewell concert on Sunday afternoon, including tutors’ ‘spots’. The ceilidh & concert will be held at Reeth Memorial Hall. Families & friends are welcome too – they may enjoy the area’s many craft shops, tearooms and outstanding walks and are welcome to bring other musical instruments for joining in sessions or the ceilidh band.

The guest tutors for this year’s squeeze are Alistair Anderson (English), Brian Peters (Anglo) and Michael Hebbert (Duet). They join our regular team of tutors: Harry Scurfield (Anglo); Pauline de Snoo (English); Paul Walker (Anglo & English); Dave Ball (part playing) and Carolyn Wade (concertina band) to provide workshops covering a whole range of concertina playing for different abilities, systems and styles. The weekend also features Dave Elliott’s “Concertina Clinic” on Saturday and Chris Algar’s “Concertina Emporium” on Sunday.

More info and booking:

Fancy visiting the world’s largest collection of concertina music?


When? It will be the afternoon of the 28th April., 2012.

So, if you would like to spend an afternoon playing music in the company of George Case, Richard Blagrove, Guilio Regondi, Jospeh Warren and Henry Stanley please feel to come along to Jeremy’s home in Nottingham, UK (just off the M1). We’ll even found out which famous arranger of music for the concertina is in the Guinness book of World Records and why!

Places will be limited, but we will squeeze in as many as we can. We’ll also have a bring and share tea, so there will be no need to rush off. Please email, for further details or to book a place.

Blyde Lasses Media Release march 2012

The duo’s name means ‘glad girls’ in Shetland dialect, though Blyde Lasses have direct links to England. Fiddle player Claire White explains ‘I have family in Bristol, and we’re excited about sharing our songs and tunes with people who may not have heard Shetland music before.’ Concertina player Frances Wilkins adds ‘We include lots of stories in our performances and hope they are a little window into life in the northern isles of Scotland.’

More information and tour dates:

RE:ACTIONS or thinking inside the box


“This ‘piece’ grew out of my interest in the internal workings of concertinas and the thoughts that knowing a bit more about who used what action may help to identify a concertina with no label. The pdf below is available for downloading it contains an appendix (i) which has photos of all the actions that I have located. There is also a sort of table detailing both the earliest and latest serial numbers of which I am currently aware. My hope is that anyone who can add to this information will contact me with information/photos which I will then incorporate into revisions.” _ Chris Flint