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Season’s greetings and tunes

Season’s greetings from the committee of the International Concertina Association.

christmas tree
That you may enjoy the music with this special instrument “the Concertina”  For an example listen to the music played by Randy Stein:

And some music that you may like to try together with your friends. Arranged for three part playing by Michel van der Meiren.

 A Child This Day is Born

Download a-child-this-day.pdf

  Angels from the Realms of Glory

Download angels-from-the-realms.pdf

Concertina World #460, December 2014


1 Netherlands Concertina players
1 Christmas wish
2 Index
3 Editorial
4 Some thoughts by the editor
7 Internet Video Jukebox
8 Interview Pauline de Snoo
14 So you know your concertina? But what is inside? Quiz
15 cd review by Paul Walker
17 Concertinas are cool! On facebook.
19 Tenth anniversary Arran Concertina Event
22 Concertina Clowns 3. Charlie Rivel
28 Yearly concertina events in and outside UK
32 Membership renewal 2015
34 Photo impression Concertinas at Witney

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Internet Video Jukebox

by Paul Walker

YOUTUBE is a wonderful creation. At the click of a mouse, you can be a guest at an Irish house party, transported to Bolivia or looking through a collection of prize 78s. And all for free.

For Internet novices: Google YouTube; then type in the artiste’s name opposite the icon that looks like a magnifying glass.

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Concertina World #459, September 2014


1 Parade’s End
2 Index
3 Editorial
4 AGM and reports from officers ICA
9 AGM 18 October details
12 Connie and Conrad visit Hawkwood
15 cd review by Peter Dyson
16 cd review by Paul Walker
18 Internet Video Jukebox
19 My University Course
22 Obituary Ron Marks
23 Douce’s Free Reed Instrument Patent
26 WCCP weekend October 2014
28 Jody Kruskal workshop 15 November
30 For Sale
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Concertina World #458, June 2014


1 Photos Swaledale Squeeze May 2014
2 Index
3 Editorial
4 A Parting Thought Or Two (or more)
8 Horniman Museum purchases Wheatstone Ledgers.
9 Royal Bartle Quartet
13 A Lindisfarne Gospel, cd review
15 Concertinas at Witney
16 Composer Ineke Hoff
18 The Concertina as Winter Soldier
20 2014 AGM Treasurer’s Report
23 WCCP March 2014
30 Concertina Clowns 2. Grock

Center magazine 8 pages music supplement; contributors Bill Finnegan and Paul Walker.


Allan Atlas. Margaret Birley, Les Branchett, Andrew Collins, Peter Dyson, Bill Finnegan,  Roger Gawley, Jeremy Hague, Trina Lomas, Paul McCann, Göran Rahm.

Concertina World #457, March 2014


1 Competition Caption Hawkwood 2014
2 Index
3 Editorial
4 Hawkwood Concertina Band 2014
6 Banding together
Letter to Editor 1
7 WCCP Bands
8 Books and cd reviews
11 AGM 2014

Center magazine 8 pages music supplement

12 Letter to editor 2
14 Philippe Sosnan
19 Bursary 1 :WCCP
20 Bursary 2: Durham Summer School
23 Band Workshops


Jenny Cox, Pauline de Snoo, Peter Dyson, Roger Gawley, Bob Harvey, Martin Henshaw, Nicola McNeill, Steve Taggart, Jane Usher, Claire Wren.

Concertina World #456, December 2013


1 Editorial
2 Swaledale Squeeze 2013
5 ICA/UK Japanese Music Exchange
8 Johnny Booyse
10 Concertina Clowns
17 Arran Concertina Event
18 Concertina Cake
19 J25 Concertina Band
20 cd review
22 ICA on Facebook and items on Internet
27 ICA members
28 Subscription renewal 2014


Dave Ball, Pauline de Snoo, Peter Dyson, Roger Gawley, Helen Graham, Jeremy Hague, Martin Henshaw, Ian Radcliffe, Göran Rahm, Claire Wren.

Concertina World #455, June 2013


1 Editorial
2 Matthew Talty and His Concertina
8 North-East Concertina Workshop
12 Horniman Museum; Visit by Chiltinas
18 WCCP 30th Anniversary weekend
20 cd review
22 Concertinas at Witney 2013
23 WCCP March 2014
24 Concertina Ergonomics 14
27 Squeezeast Band Gathering
30 AGM 2013 Minutes
34 Concertina for sale
35 Just one of the reasons…
36 Obituaries

Cover back: Song by John McKenzie


Pauline de Snoo, Jim Cush, Peter Dyson, Roger Gawley, Martin Henshaw, Sue King, John McKenzie, Matthew Majella Talty, Randall C. Merris, Gill Noppen-Spacie, Göran Rahm.